IGSP Tuition and Fees

As an International Guest Student, you will enroll in a full-time program of study each semester.  Full-time students take a minimum of four university credit courses in Fall and Spring. Summer term full time options include taking four courses during the 12-week Summer term or two courses during each 6-week Summer term.

Courses taken in the LPS division are considered "internal" and are associated with the lowest cost tuition and fees for IGSP students. Courses taken outside the LPS division are considered "external" and are associated with higher tuition and fees for IGSP students. Students have the option to take all courses "Internal" to LPS, all courses "External" to LPS, or a combination.Please use the tuition charts below to calcuate your total tuition based on your indivudual course selections.

2012-2013 Rates for LPS Undergraduate Courses  (Internal)

Course Units (CU)TuitionGeneral FeeTech FeeClincal FeeRecreation FeeTotal
1 Cu$2,555$222$87NANA$2,859
2 CU$5,100$444$174NANA$5,718
3 CU$7,650$666$261NANA$8, 577
4 CU $10,200$1,824$348$236$156$12,764

Other Schools 2012-2013 Rates (External)

School/Level Tuition
per cu
General Fee Technology Fee Total
Undergraduate $4,989 $456 $87 $5,532
Graduate Arts and Sciences $5,137 $302 N/A $5,439
Master of Liberal Arts $3,835 $227 N/A $4,062

Summer 2013 Rates LPS & School of Arts & Sciences Undergraduate Courses

Course UnitsTuitionFees
6 week session- 1 Course Unit$3,479$222 per session
12 week session - 1 Course Unite TBD$TBD per CU



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