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Flying high and digging deep

A Penn student discovers that harmony can happen when we let nature do its job

“Birds are excellent indicators of how your ecosystem is doing,” shares Heather Kostick (Master of Environmental Studies, December ’16—expected), “If they can’t survive, we’re in bad shape.” Heather is an enthusiastic advocate for birds who found her calling while taking an Ornithology class at Juniata College as an undergraduate.

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“I advise my clients to actively manage their energy and emotions during the work day. For me, it’s cat videos that do the trick,” laughs Dr. Nico Rose, Senior Human Resources Director for Europe’s largest media company, Bertelsmann. Though Nico’s perspective may seem unique in the corporate world, it’s exactly what made him the perfect fit for the Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) program.

“I tried studying wellbeing in an Economics Department, and I felt like an outsider,” shares Eunbit Hwang, a native of Seoul, South Korea. She’s also an aspiring children’s book author with a love of sharp cheddar cheese and a mind for empirical data. “When I joined this Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) community, I finally felt that I belonged somewhere.” Her eclectic interests and enthusiasm for research suited the MAPP program’s combination of rigorous academics and people-oriented ethos.

“In 2012, we started looking at a new educational model. We asked what was most important to students, parents and employers, and what they wanted in their lives. The answer was to be happy, to have happy kids or happy employees. We thought as a university we should approach the topic in a very serious way,” shares Rosalinda Ballesteros Valdes, Vice President of High School Programs for Universidad TecMilenio. After one phone call from the Provost to Martin Seligman, MAPP’s Education Director James Pawelski was soon on a plane to Monterrey to consult with her team.

A co-author of The New York Times best seller Succeed On Your Own Terms and president of a consulting firm, Patrick Sweeney’s career revolved around helping others reach their potential. Joining the MAPP community was the moment that Patrick took a chance on exploring his own potential more deeply. And he’s never looked back.


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