Master of Environmental Studies/Master of Public Administration (MES/MPA)

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The dual degree program with the Fels Institute of Government at Penn offers you the opportunity to earn the Master of Environmental Studies degree and a Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree concurrently. Many Master of Environmental Studies students go on to work in a range of non-profit and government roles. Earning an MPA in addition to the environmental studies degree qualifies you to expertly navigate environmental management challenges in the government and non-profit worlds. 

The Master of Environmental Studies degree grounds you in detailed environmental knowledge and provides an on-the-ground understanding of ecological issues. The MPA serves as a valuable complement, preparing you for leadership in government, non-profit organizations and private firms engaged in public sector work. Environmental policy issues are ubiquitous across all parts of the public and non-profit sectors, and the dual degree empowers you to embark on exciting careers where you leverage your unique expertise in environmental policy, resource management or the urban environment.

To begin the dual degree, you must apply and gain admission to both schools independently. Once admitted, you may choose the joint-degree program.

Visit the Fel's Institute of Government website to learn more about the MPA degree and admission requirements.

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