MES Lecture Series: Fracking in the Upper Delaware Watershed: How Safe Is Our Drinking Water?

Dec 9 2010 - 5:30pm
Dec 9 2010 - 7:00pm

Environmental Studies are more valuable than ever. Join MES Program Director, Yvette Bordeaux, and special guest speakers for a lecture series on environmental issues.

For years geologists have known that the Marcellus Shale contained vast amounts of natural gas, but because of the nature of the rock extraction of this resource has not been economically feasible. As oil prices have risen and extraction technologies have improved, these reserves are now viable. What are the risks involved with tapping the Marcellus Shale? Could this adversely affect the drinking water supply of residents all along the Delaware River?

At the close of the lecture, Dr. Bordeaux will discuss how the Master of Environmental Studies can provide the tools to address these and other environmental issues in the future.


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Yvette Bordeaux
Director of the Professional Master's Programs in Earth and Environmental Science

Yvette Bordeaux is Director of the Professional Master’s Programs in Earth and Environmental Science. A graduate of the University of Rochester, she received her Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania in 2000. A paleontologist, Dr. Bordeaux eschews dinosaurs and other large vertebrates for the fossils of much smaller creatures who can indicate how the environment has changed over time. Her early research focused on the burrows formed by invertebrate worms in Lower Devonian outcrops of eastern New York State. These days, she studies epibionts, specifically the fossils of organisms that lived on the shells of brachiopods dating from the Middle Devonian of New York State. More>

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