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How do I find the room location for my class?

Course offerings and locations are listed on the Registrar's webpage: Please do not call the LPS office for room location information. We strongly suggest you check this listing before class as rooms may change.

Finding the room for your courses can be a daunting task if you have never been to our campus. On the first day of your class, you will need to verify the course room number by doing the following:
1. Find the room listed on the Course & Room Roster on the Penn Registrar's website. The room is listed in the following highlighted location in a course's listing in the Course & Room Roster:

910 LEC MW 6-9:10PM MUSE 345       HAMMARBERG M 
  MAX: 30

2. Using that room code, go to the Classroom Finder on the Registrar's website.
3. Find the Building name using the building code.
4. On the Classroom Finder, enter the building name. In the example, MUSE is Museum.
5. Enter the room number. In the example, it is 345.
6. Click on start search on the bottom of the form.
7. The system will come up with a list of all rooms that match those criteria (which should be only one).
8. Click on the room number.
9. You will be transferred to a page with information about that room. To view a photo of the building in which the room is housed, click on "Building Details" on the top navigation bar. To view the campus map to locate the building, click on "Campus Map" on the top navigation bar.

REMINDER: You should check the Course & Room Roster on the first day of your class to be sure that your room did not change.

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