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“I've always had a concern for environmental issues. But it wasn’t until discovering the havoc these issues could wreak on the future that I decided to do something about it. It is because of this I find myself at Penn, studying environmental issues and learning how to spread the word about these problems to the general public. My ultimate goal is to bring awareness to these issues and effect change by whatever means possible. After graduating, I hope to work for a non-profit and eventually segue into teaching.”

“Before enrolling at Penn, I worked to address environmental issues as a staff member for a non-profit organization, Citizens Campaign for the Environment, and volunteered at the Jamaica Bay Terrapin Research and Conservation Group. Upon graduation from Penn, I would like to apply to a PhD program and eventually teach at the university level.”

“Before entering the Master of Environmental Studies program at Penn, I worked as an analysis engineer in Taiwan. During this time, I was able to discover my true passion for the environment. I hope to continue to grow my interest in environmental science, by developing practical skills and acquiring knowledge that will make me a well-learned environmental scientist. The flexibility of the MES program will provide me with a broad foundation of skills to apply to my future professional career.”

“Before enrolling in the MES program, I spent five years living in Ecuador, where I finished my last two years of high school and completed two years of university-level studies. Throughout my academic career in South America, and later in New York City, I became interested in the fragility of, and human impact on, the natural world through a combination of classes and work opportunities. In Ecuador, I had the opportunity to spend six months volunteering at the Mindo/Nambillo ecological reserve—a butterfly farm in a cloud forest outside the capital, Quito.

“After studying international politics, geography and environmental science at Penn State, I worked for the commonwealth of Pennsylvania for four years. It was very rewarding to work in the public sector and I had great exposure to the real challenges and triumphs of state government. During my time in the governor’s office, I was able to assist with some major environmental policy and legislation initiatives, which ignited my desire to continue my education in environmental science.

“Prior to enrolling at Penn, I worked for seven years at both the district and community levels in post-war Liberia managing health and environmental programs. As a community medical staff member, I had the mandate to ensure the etiology of preventable diseases was addressed. My role focused on improving public health through the management of environmental compliance issues.

“I am a submatriculate into the Master of Environmental Studies program and I am currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Earth Science. I have been very involved with sustainability on campus over the last couple of years, as both a leader for the PennGreen Pre-Orientation Program and for Penn Environmental Group. My main interests are in sustainable agriculture and conservation biology. Now that I am a part of MES, I am excited to direct my focus on environmental biology and ecology!”

“I am entering the Master of Environmental Studies program from a career in science writing and journalism. I’m currently a science news officer at Penn, where I write about and promote the groundbreaking research of the University’s faculty and students. Prior to joining Penn, I worked for five years as a writer and editor at The Wildlife Society, a professional organization that supports the work and development of wildlife biologists and managers. While in that position, I rediscovered my passion for conservation, and the seeds were planted for taking this next step in my education.

From nine to five, Joseph Hallman works at Penn’s College of Liberal and Professional Studies, interfacing with faculty and departments on course logistics. Outside the office, however, Hallman has a side gig dreaming up musical landscapes that recently landed him a Grammy nod.


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