Online Learning

Online Learning

Online Credit Undergraduate and Graduate Level Courses from The School of Arts & Sciences

Penn Summer and the College of Liberal and Professional Studies offer full credit courses via Arts & Sciences Online Learning and are open to undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education students. To register for these course you must be enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania through a degree or non-degree program. Students not currently enrolled, may use the Penn Summer Open Enrollment process for visiting students. For information on how to enroll and register for courses this summer please visit Penn Summer.

Free Online Non-Credit Courses

The University of Pennsylvania is partnering with Coursera, an online education platform, to make Web-based courses available free. These courses include video lectures with interactive quizzes, mastery-building interactive assignments and collaborative online forums. Penn faculty will provide courses in medicine, business, music, literature, and mathematics and computer science, among others. Courses will begin in the fall and students will not receive University of Pennsylvania academic credit. For more information and registration please visit:

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