Pre-Health Core Studies

The Pre-Health Core Studies option is appropriate for you if you have a bachelor’s degree with little or no previous coursework in the sciences, an excellent academic record, and a demonstrated ability in standardized testing.

Equally important, you will possess a clear understanding of the challenges that await you in your chosen healthcare profession, gained through substantial volunteer work, shadowing, or employment in a related field.  This program can be completed on a full-time or part-time basis.

As a Core Studies student you will take the introductory science courses required for admission to most medical, dental, or veterinary schools: General Chemistry, Introductory Biology, Organic Chemistry, and Physics. Each science sequence consists of two semesters, and each semester includes a lab.

While variations must be made to accommodate each student's plans and academic background, sample courses of study may be helpful to prospective students.

To complete the requirements in one year, students should begin their study in the summer with chemistry. The following academic year will include biology, organic chemistry, and physics, thus preparing students for the April MCAT.

A part-time program will take two years to complete. Students generally take biology and chemistry the first year, and physics and organic chemistry the second year, planning for the April MCAT.

Students enrolled in PBPH Core Studies often take additional courses beyond the Premedical requirements (such as biochemistry, genetics, histology, or history and sociology of science) to deepen their knowledge and preparation for medical training.

Please see the Specialized Studies course listing for options.

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