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The Post-Baccalaureate Studies program provides access to an Ivy League education as you prepare to take “the next step”—whether your next step is graduate school, a career change, or simply personal or practical life enrichment. You’ll contribute to the investment you made in yourself when you received your undergraduate degree.

Kendra Talbott

“Pursuing my Post-Baccalaureate studies has been a great opportunity for me as I prepare for Veterinary school. I'm able to complete the courses needed for Vet school as well as prepare for the next step in my life. I'm also glad that I'm able to be back in a classroom where I can keep up with my studies.”

Kendra Talbott
Laboratory Technician
Educational Services Industry

“Post-Baccalaureate studies provided me with specialized training to undergo a career change. The faculty is incomparable and the learning environment very competitive and challenging. As an adult student I found the classes more rewarding than during my undergraduate days.”

Richard Preuhs
Staff Engineer
Aerospace and Defense industry

Marian Moseley“My Post-Baccalaureate math courses taught me valuable reasoning skills which are useful in my current coursework in Public Health, specifically my biostatistics and epidemiology courses. My favorite professors were the ones who challenged me the most. One of the most impressive aspects of the math courses was the requirement that all students take their exams without a calculator, causing everyone to rely more on their math and reasoning skills. The math professors were available on a regular basis for those of us who needed some extra assistance or had been away from previously completed math courses for a longer period of time.”

Marian Moseley
Perinatal Social Worker
Healthcare and Social Assistance Industry

“I love the large number of classes offered in the evening for working students, and the quality of the Ivy League professors.”

Lara Lechtenberg
Research Coordinator
Healthcare and Social Assistance Industry

Michael Partain“The Post-Baccalaureate program allows me to enrich my scope of knowledge in the subject matters I am most interested in.”

Michael Partain
Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services


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