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  • Education:

    Bachelor of Fine Arts, Minor in Geology,'10

    “The Penn BA program has been a rich and full experience for me. Going part time for four years, I have been able to experiment with different areas of study and devote myself completely to my selected classes in any given semester. While I embarked on an academic career that I believed would concentrate fully on art, through my elective choices I picked up a geology minor, which is now guiding my future as an artist. Now I have prospects not only as an independent artist, but also as a paleo artist doing scientific illustration. Because I was encouraged and allowed to pursue an eclectic array of classes, I have come out of Penn a well-rounded intellectual with a future that is full of choices and possibilities.”

  • Education:

    Bachelor of Fine Arts, Minor in History of Art, '10

    “After receiving my degree at Penn I feel that I have an advantage over other graduates in my field. The knowledge of art-making combined with art history provides me with all the tools necessary to excel in fine arts.”

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