Application Deadlines

  • Fall Admission: July 15
  • Spring Admission: November 15
  • Summer Admission: April 15

    *Priority Application Dates for Financial Aid can be found HERE


Applications may only be submitted through our online application system. Click button to begin:

Apply Online

An application must contain all of the following in order to be considered complete:

  • Completed application
  • Current resume
  • Non-refundable application fee (Pay online or make checks payable to the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania)
  • Application essays, listed below
  • Unofficial transcripts from each post-secondary school (*see 'additional instructions' below) attended uploaded through the online application system
  • An approval form and a transcript from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, or letter of acceptance from PAFA (if applicable)
  • Score reports for standardized tests, if applicable

Application Essays

Please respond to each of the following questions. When submitting your essays online, please upload them together in one document. Responses should not exceed four pages in length for all the questions combined.

  1. Have you ever been placed on probation, dismissed or suspended from any college or university for reasons pertaining to academic integrity? Yes/No

    If yes, please include any facts that you believe bear on the significance of this circumstance.
  2. Describe your educational history and background, making sure to address whether your records and transcripts accurately reflect your academic ability. Explain fully if you have ever withdrawn, taken a leave of absence, or been dropped by any school, college, or university.
  3. Write a brief essay describing your academic and personal goals and explain how these will be furthered by study at Penn in general and at LPS in particular. Feel free to discuss a specific academic topic you have enjoyed studying and explain why it is of interest to you.
  4. Describe any non-academic experiences that you feel strengthen your application such as employment, travel, community affairs, volunteer work, publications, etc.

Letters of Recommendation

Letters of Recommendations are not required for the Bachelor of Fine Arts program. However, you may submit up to three letters of recommendation to support your application. These should be from individuals with whom you have had a close professional or academic association and who know of your desire to enroll in the College of Liberal and Professional Studies. If you decide to submit letters of recommendation, you may ask your recommenders to complete their letters online or to submit hard copy letters of recommendation. To submit online recommendations, follow the instructions in the Recommendations section of the online application. If your recommendations will not be submitted online, please complete the LPS cover sheet for letters of recommendation, give it to your references, and have them complete and attach the form to their letter. You can download the form here.

Standardized Test Scores

Standardized test scores are not required. However, you may opt to submit standardized test scores such as the SAT.

A strong command of the English language is necessary for successful study at Penn, therefore you are required to submit TOEFL scores if English is not your native language. Use ETS code 2986 when requesting TOEFL scores.

Upon review of an applicant's file, the admissions committee reserves the right to request TOEFL scores.


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