We have compiled lots of useful links, great lesson plans and free materials for teachers, language learning resources, and much more on the Middle East and the Islamic world.
Media Library
The Middle East Center maintains a collection of videos and DVDs for free use by schools, groups, and individuals in Pennsylvania and the Delaware Valley region. The Middle East has recently expanded our collection of DVDs.
At the Middle East Center we recognize our position as a meeting point of different disciplines, departments, and constituents, which allows us to facilitate learning and research opportunities.

The Middle East Center's (MEC) mission involves raising awareness of the unique circumstances of the region through research and instructional programs.  The MEC has adopted an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the Middle East, and we offer a wide range of educational opportunities.


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Dr. Ranin Kazemi (San Diego State University)

The MMES Degree Program

The interdisciplinary MMES degree program is designed to allow students, both majors and minors, to specialize in the Modern Middle East as a region of the world by combining course work using both social, scientific, and humanistic approaches, underpinned by relevant language skills.

Alumni on the Major

“The Modern Middle Eastern Studies major provided me an exciting, multifaceted lens through which to view a region that has interested me throughout my college career. The interdisciplinary approach offered me the unique opportunity to think about the contemporary Middle East in a nuanced fashion...  More >


The Modern Middle East Studies (MMES) is an interdisciplinary major and provides an education that can lead to various exciting and prestigious careers. MMES alumni have joined and pioneered the government and private sectors, and they have also excelled in the arts and medicine... More >

Outreach Programs

The MEC provides K-12 teachers, as well as the wider public, access to the multitude of resources on the Middle East available through the University of Pennsylvania.

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Summer Institute on Transnational Experiences: Engaging with World Heritage 

This year’s global education Summer...

Dr. Kashani-Sabet's Interview on Iran Nuclear Deal

The Middle East Center Director Dr. Firoozeh Kashani-Sabet, Robert I. Williams Term Professor of History and an expert on Iran, was interviewed by...

Global Education Workshop at Camden County College

The Middle East Center raises awareness among K-12 educators about the region and assists them in internationalizing their curriculum through...

Pulitzer International Student Reporting 
Fellowship Awards 2015 

The Middle East Center and South Asia Center announces the winners Pulitzer International Student Reporting