Selected Syllabi

Below is a sample selection of syllabi taken from current and past course offerings. This list is not meant to be exhaustive, but to provide a general idea of subject matter. Please be aware that course content may have changed since the represented semester - if you have any questions about an upcoming course, always contact the professor. We hope this selection will be useful in choosing courses here at Penn.

ANTH100: Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan (Spring 2012)

ARAB039: Colloquial Arabic (Levantine) (Fall 2009)

ARAB433: Arabic Readings in the Social Sciences and Media (Fall 2011)

ARTH417: Later Islamic Architecture (Spring 2012)

HIST081/NELC031: History of the Middle East Since 1800 (Fall 2011)

INTR290: The Arab Spring and American Foreign Policy (Summer 2012)

LGST229: Women, Law, and Politics in the Middle East and North Africa (Spring 2012)

NELC036/CINE036: Middle East Through Many Lenses (Fall 2011)

NELC102: Introduction to the Middle East (Spring 2012)

NELC115: Iranian Youth Culture (Spring 2012)

NELC136/RELS143: Introduction to Islam (Spring 2010)

NELC159: Love and War in Israeli Film and Literature (Spring 2007)

NELC233: The Arabic Literary Heritage (Fall 2011)

NELC234: The Mongol Experience (Fall 2011)

NELC235: Food in the Islamic Middle East (Spring 2012)

NELC238: Intro to Islamic Law (Fall 2011)

NELC239: Migration and the Middle East (Spring 2012)

NELC332: North Africa: History, Culture, Society (Spring 2010)

NELC335: Muslims, Christians, and Jews (Fall 2009)

NELC336: Nationalism and Communal Identity in the Middle East (Fall 2010)

NELC437: Introduction to the Islamic Intellectual Tradition (Spring 2012)

PSCI211: Politics of the Contemporary Middle East (Spring 2010)

PSCI253: International Politics of the Middle East (Spring 2006)

RELS146/SAST146: Islam in the Modern World (Fall 2011)

RELS445: Sufism (Spring 2012)

SAST367: The Silk Road to South Asia (Spring 2012)

SAST383: The Global War on Terror (Spring 2012)