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The Middle East Center at Penn sponsors and supports programs and initiatives across the disciplines and professional schools, and runs a dynamic outreach program in the Delaware Valley. Faculty and students at Penn are also active and prominent in the field of Middle East studies, making significant and highly regarded contributions to scholarly output in their areas of interest. We will continue to update news of the Center's activities and highlight the achievements of our faculty and students here.

Dr. Anna Viden, International Relations Program. University of Pennsylvania The talk will shed light on Saudi Arabia’s new more assertive foreign policy and how it affects current and future relations between the United States and Saudi Arabia. It will address the conflict in Syria, the ongoing war in Yemen, arms transfers, and the relationship between the members of OPEC on the one hand, and between OPEC and the West on the other. The talk will also focus on the internal political situation in Saudi Arabia, which of course significantly may impact Saudi Arabia’s ability to carry out its ambitious foreign policy and new economic global compact which was announced by the Deputy Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman last April. For more information about the event please open the attached PDF below. Sponsored ByCenter for Civic Leadership and Responsibility (Camden County College) and the Middle East Center (University of Pennsylvania)
Civic Hall, Connector Building, Blackwood Campus, Camden County College
Dr. Joyce Pittman (Drexel University, School of Education) In this workshop led by Dr. Joyce Pittman (Associate Clinical Professor at Drexel University, School of Education) expert instructors will discuss how to expand the pedagogical practices of new learners, teachers or faculty in a global context. Dr. Rebecca Clothey (Assistant Professor, Drexel University, School of Education) and Mr. Andrew Petersen (Instructor, English Language Program, University of Pennsylvania) will also present during this workshop and demonstrate how to build a thread of learning based on research, practice and experience to improve knowledge of language and culture. Teachers who participate onsite can receive Act 48 Credit upon providing necessary appropriate documentaion.  Please note that registration is required. To register online please click here. You can also register by dowloading the attached PDF document below and emailing it to Dr. Joyce Pittman (
Room 141, One Drexel Plaza, 3001 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104