April 24, 2014, 12:00pm
Syria's Next Generation: The Future of Higher Education
Presenter: Dr. Shelley Deane
Location: Claire M. Fagin Hall room 118, 418 Curie Boulevard Philadelphia, PA, 19104

Dr. Shelley Deane, an expert in international conflict and the Middle East, will be engaging in a series of talks on "Syria's Next Generation: The Future of Higher Education.”  Her presentation will provide a 7-10 minute documentary on the situation of Syrian refugees in Lebanon followed by a discussion of the education and security scenarios likely as the increasingly protracted conflict in Syria persists and the conflict contagion in neighboring states takes its toll.

Dr. Deane has worked with UNDP, UNHCR, UNESCO, IIE and all the local service providers. Her talk will present insights from the region and share thoughts on how best to raise awareness and support for the "missing middle" students with capacities and capabilities that are vital for harnessing the human capital of the region.