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Inch'allah Dimanche

(98 mins)  In the aftermath of World War II, France attempted to replenish its weakend work force by recruiting men from North Africa. In the mid-1970, the French government relaxed its immigration policy to allow the families of Algerian men to join them. Zouina is torn from her Algerian home with her three children and mother-in-law to rejoin her husband in France. She feel imprisoned between a distant husband, a hostile mother-in-law, and a neighbor afraid of Zouina’s otherness. Zouina, though, begins to discover the contours of her new environment through her friendship with a cosmetics factory worker and her Sunday afternoon excursions with her children. Winner of the Firpresci Award at the Toronto Film Festival Inch’allah Dimanche is a deeply moving exploration of the difficulties of immigration, change and adaptation.

In French and Arabic with English subtitles.