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Isidore of Seville and a Copyist, from Etymologies
France (southern Fr?), c.1250 (Schoenberg MS ljs184, f.1r)

Faculty in Global Medieval Studies


Classical Studies:

Rita Copeland (Literature, Rhetoric, Intellectual history)


Comparative Literature:

Rita Copeland (Literature, Rhetoric, Intellectual history)


English Language and Literature:

Emily Steiner (Documentary Culture, Law, Langland studies, Late Medieval England)
David Wallace (Chaucer, Women's Writing, Medieval Literary Theory)


Jewish Studies:

Talya Fishman (Intellectual, Cultural History)


Ada Maria Kuskowski (Medieval, Legal History)
Ann E. Moyer (Late Medieval, Renaissance)
Thomas Max Safley (Late Medieval, Reformation)


History of Art:

Sarh Guérin (Medieval Material Culture)
Renata Holod (Islamic)
Robert Ousterhout (Byzantine)
Larry Silver (Northern Renaissance)



Mary Channen Caldwell (Early Vocal Music)


Near Eastern Languages and Literatures:

Paul Cobb (Medieval Islamic history, relations between the Islamic world and Latin Christendom)
Talya Fishman (Intellectual, Cultural History)


Religious Studies:

Talya Fishman (Intellectual, Cultural History)


Romance Languages and Literature:

Kevin Brownlee (French and Italian)
Michael Solomon (Iberian)


Slavic Languages and Literatures:

Julia Verkholantsev (Cultural history, linguistic culture, textual and cultural transmission)


Visiting Professors: 

Candace Barrington (Regional Fellow, Penn Humanities Forum)
Erin Connoelly (SIMS Fellow in Digital Manuscript Studies, Schoenberg Institute for Manuscript Studies)
Menachem Lorberbaum (Fellow, Katz Center for Advanced Judaic Studies)


Affiliated Faculty:

Tony Kroch (Linguistics)
Kris Rabberman (History)
Donald Ringe (Linguistics)
Jay Treat (Religious Studies)
Thomas G. Waldman (History)



Victoria Kirkham (Italian) 
E. Ann Matter (Christianity, Liturgy, Literature)
Edward M. Peters (Western Medieval)
David B. Ruderman (Medieval, Early Modern History)