About Our Colloquia Series

Penn Colloquia Series

The Penn Colloquium Series showcases new research by leading scholars in musicology, ethnomusicology, and music theory. These events are open to the public. Please see the departmental news feed for upcoming lectures.

Public Lives of Music

Our series The Public Lives of Music fosters conversations and auditions with the broad Penn and Philadelphia communities. Through performances, formal and informal conversations and interviews, lectures and lecture-recitals, book release readings, and multi-media events, Public Lives sounds out the myriad ways in which music makes part of people’s lives and the manners in which people’s lives actively shape the social, cultural, historical, and creative existence of music. The series helps us experience what constitutes the available and imaginable publics for music today and in our living relationships with archival and ethnographic pasts.

Penn Composers Guild

Graduate composers studying at the University of Pennsylvania are members of the Penn Composers Guild. Each semester, the Penn Composers Guild recital showcases works recently created by composers in the guild, and performed by some of the best student and professional musicians in the area. The Penn Composer's Guild draws its musicians from the Curtis Institute of Music and from the ranks of professional players in Philadelphia.

Off Tuesdays

Off-Tuesdays are informal meetings sponsored by the graduate student community, held during weeks when no formal colloquium is scheduled. These colloquia include working papers, book discussions, dissertation chapter workshops, and guest lectures on topics pertinent to graduate students’ research.

Penn Composers Forum

The Penn Composers Forum provides a context for the regular presentation and discussion of graduate composers’ works. These events, sponsored by the graduate student community, are held on days when no formal colloquium is scheduled.