Brooke McCorkle

Seventh Year Graduate Student in Musicology
Room 103, Music Building

A Benjamin Franklin Fellow, Brooke McCorkle is an accomplished double bassist, Japanologist, and music historian. She earned undergraduate degrees from the University of Oklahoma in International Relations in East Asia (2004) and Double Bass Performance (2008). At the University of Pennsylvania, she acquired a Master's Degree in East Asian Languages and Civilizations in 2012 while working on her PhD in Musicology. Brooke is currently completing her dissertation, Searching for Wagner in Japan, under the guidance of Carolyn Abbate. In the dissertation, Brooke composes a cultural history that examines the heretofore unexplored relationship between modernity, national ideology, and Wagner reception in Japan from 1868 to 1952.

In addition to opera, Brooke also has a strong interest in film music, as exemplified by her articles on Japanese and Hong Kong cinema sound. In the future, she looks forward to working on several projects that have grown out of her current work, including a history of Japanese film music, an interpretation of Wagner'sParsifal via the writings of Jean-luc Nancy, and an analysis of Robert Black's upcoming multi-media piece, Possessed.