Emily Joy Rothchild

Sixth Year Graduate Student in Ethnomusicology
Room 103, Music Building

My dissertation examines the political efficacy and the artistic effects of German integration programs directed towards migrant youth with Muslim cultural backgrounds. I study how music, especially hip-hop, operates as a community building and bridging tool and analyze the impact of integration programs on youth feelings of belonging and societal perceptions of immigrants. Other research interests include music, gender, and Islamic culture and media representation of Muslims in Europe. I currently am researching in Hamburg, Germany, and have completed fieldwork in Dresden, Germany, and Zanzibar, Tanzania, studying how music and gender influence the construction and operation of religious communities. Publications include ""This sounds so exotic!" Teaching about the Representation of the Exotic through South Pacific." in Essays on World Music and its Preservation, UM Book Series on Research in Musicology no. 5 (2012), "Mach Platz für die Bitch: Lady Bitch Ray's Musical and Social Message in "Mein Weg."" EthnoScripts 13.1 (2011), and a masters thesis American Jews and the 1960s: Negotiating Jewishness through Fiddler on the Roof (2011).