Laura Donnelly

Sixth Year Graduate Student in Ethnomusicology
Room 103, Music Building

To put it most simply, my research is concerned with popular music and identity in the francophone Caribbean. In May 2010 I graduated from Michigan State University with an M.A. in Ethnomusicology, where I was advised by Michael Largey. I have completed multi-sited fieldwork in the Caribbean and France for my master's thesis, entitled, "Life After Zouk: Emerging Popular Music of the French Antilles," which explores three post-2000 musical trends, and how their work is redefining what it means to make Guadeloupean music. Since beginning my Ph.D. coursework, I have continued my work on Guadeloupe while investigating noirist and indigenisme movements in Haiti. I am fascinated with notions of creoleness, diaspora, negritude, cosmopolitanism, modernity, "double consciousness," and the neo/post-colonial.