Don GardnerDon Gardner

From student field notes: The Clef Club, located at 736 S. Broad Street, resembled a miniature glass high rise. At initial glance, the Clef Club did not embody an image of “jazz.” The building resembled a museum. It appeared to be closed down to the public and only open to our group as a place to conduct the interview. As we arrived at the front door, someone buzzed us in over the intercom. We were led to a floor full of offices where we were told to wait for Donald Gardner. After Mr. Gardner arrived, we were led to a large auditorium. The top portion of the auditorium resembled a large cafeteria with wooden tables and chairs. There was a stage in the front of the room. Walking towards the back of the room, each section grew slightly elevated. We were all asked to take a seat in the back of the room.

The atmosphere of the interview was extremely conversational. This was not only displayed through the tone of the conversation but also through the physical positioning of those involved in the interview. We all, including Donald Gardner, sat in a circular form and began to speak about his jazz career and the history of the Clef Club.

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Group members: Mark Yuhas, Ron Darbouze, Lavin Daryanani and Sara Strickland
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