Kathy LawsKathy Laws

From student field notes: Kathy Laws’s interest in music began at the young age of four, when she began “tinkering on the piano” in her home. Her mother and grandparents discovered this natural talent of hers and enrolled her in classical piano and violin lessons. Since then, Kathy's musical career has evolved to encompass a dynamic mix of jazz, gospel, and classical music.

The musical highlights of her life included: serving as Concert Mistress of the Germantown High School Orchestra, (which was a remarkable accomplishment as there were only two African-American members at the time,) playing with the Philadelphia Pops Orchestra and the Chestnut Hill Symphony Orchestra, and working with a children's gospel choir. Kathy is still active with the music community of Philadelphia.

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Group members: Mark Yuhas, Ron Darbouze, Lavin Daryanani and Sara Strickland
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