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Mr. Lancaster was kind enough to send us links to various websites which featured information about him as well as both the domestic and international avant-garde jazz scene. Having some information about his background made it easier for us to begin a dialogue with Mr. Lancaster once the interview took place. We have also added other links for those interested in the Philadelphia jazz industry.

  • Visions of Jazz
    • Website dedicated to educating the public about the history of jazz in Philadelphia and its role in the present.
  • Jazzmatazz
    • Features listings of current jazz concerts in Philadelphia.
  • Creative Improvised Music Projects
    • Byard Lancaster repeatedly stressed the importance of a good marketing plan when it comes to selling jazz.  Mr. Lancaster has given this record label the designation of being the best record label for avant-garde jazz artists, where "whatever you want to say, they allow you to say."
  • University of Pennsylvania Department of Music
    • This project was completed as part of the course "World Musics and Cultures", taught by Dr. Carol Muller. Here you can find out more information about the Music Department at the University of Pennsylvania, including faculty contact information.
Byard Plays the Sax
Byard Lancaster playing the sax. From the program of a show in the Paris Jazz Club "7 Lezards" in 2002.