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This website is dedicated to the documentation of an interview of Jazz musician Glenn Bryan. The interview is part of a research projects intended to create a living history of jazz in Philadelphia. The project is done as part of MUSC -050- the Introduction toWorld Music and culture, which is taught by Associate professor Carol Muller.

Philadelphia has a long and important history of jazz performance, but one that has largely been ignored in mainstream jazz circles, with places like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New Orleans playing a much more visible role in the jazz canon. This project hopes to begin to change this by initiating a documentary project.

Below is a brief introduction to Glenn Bryan, has been serving at the University of Pennslyvania for more than 9 years, and he plays with his band regulary. You can see him perform at one of philadelphia's most prestige Jazz Bar called Zanzibar Blue.



Director, City and Community Relations

Length of service:

9 years

Other :

Besides leading his band, he is also the minister of music at his church, Grace Lutheran.



Five University of Pennslyvania students were involved in this project, they are

Mary Droesch

Steven Ren

Fei Tian

Zeng Yi Wong

Alexander Yang


The professor for the course is Carol Muller, information about her can be found here.


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