An Interview with Lucky Thompson
Remmie Maden, Alex Raffle, Jacquelyn McNaughton, Ryan Horne

Lucky Thompson
Lucky Thompson, drummer

Welcome! We are pleased to share with you our interview with Lucky Thompson, a phenomenal drummer and musician as well as an inspirational man.

Lucky Thompson has been playing the drums since he was eight years old. Music came naturally to him because he grew up in a musical family. His sound is heavily influenced by his favorite drummer Art Blakey. Mr. Thompson has worked with talents such as Nina Simone, Patti La Belle, Sonny Sitt, Val Ray, and Big Momma Thorten.

Check out his website: The information on this website is from his website and our interview. Also, look out Mr. Thompson's performances with the Budesa Brothers around Philadelphia.  He also has an album with his band, DNA, called Everybody Oughta Have One.

This project was a new experience for this group. We had never interviewed a prominent jazz figure, let alone done any sort of fieldwork.  We were unsure as to what we should expect when we interviewed Mr. Thompson.  In the end, however, we learned a lot about Philadelphia jazz history, jazz today, and what the it is like to lead the life of a musician.

Below is a full transcription of our 30 minute interview with Mr. Thompson.  We have also included our personal experiences during the interview. On March 12, 2005, we interviewed Mr. Thompson at Natalie's Lounge which is located at 4003 Market Street. It is one of the most famous jazz institutions in Philadelphia.

Interview Transcription:
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Interview Audio:

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Personal Experiences (Field notes):
Remmie Maden
Jacquelyn McNaughton
Alex Raffle
Ryan Horne - Research