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Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations (NELC)

Idealized Timeline for the PhD Program in Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations

First Year

Semester 1  4 courses 

Semester 2  4 courses 

First modern language exam before the beginning of 3rd semester.  

Second Year

Semester 3  3 courses + TA-ship 

Semester 4  3 courses + TA-ship + MA 

Qualifying (preliminary) Examinations early in the 4th semester. 

For students continuing, MA to be completed by the end of August.  

Students taking a terminal MA may register for two semesters of MA thesis preparation at reduced tuition.  

Second modern language examination before the beginning of 5th semester. Students will be able to take French or German for reading proficiency during the summer.  

Third Year

Semester 5  3 courses + TA-ship 

Semester 6  3 courses + TA-ship  = 20 cu’s 

Summer between Third and Fourth Years 

Preparation for Candidacy (comprehensive) Examinations


Fourth Year

Semester 7  Candidacy Examinations 

Students should complete a draft of the proposal within three or four months.  

Semester 8  Dissertation proposal 

Dissertation research proposal must be approved no later than end of the 8th semester.   

Fifth Year =  Last semesters of guaranteed funding 

Semester 9  Additional courses (?) and/or dissertation research 

Public presentation of dissertation research in the 9th or 10th semester. 

Semester 10  Additional courses (?) and/or dissertation research 

Sixth Year =  First semesters on low dissertation tuition 

Semester 11  Dissertation research and writing (with support from SAS DRF, SAS or Mellon Dissertation Completion Fellowship, etc.) 

Semester 12 Dissertation research and writing 

Seventh Year

Semester 13 Dissertation writing 

Semester 14 Dissertation writing 

Students who do not complete the dissertation by the end of their 10th year will be dropped from the PhD program.