Penn Senior Wins Churchill Scholarship

January 15, 2014

Sarah Foster, C’14, has been awarded a Winston Churchill Scholarship, a merit-based prize for American college students who are outstanding in engineering, mathematics, and physical and biological sciences. The scholarship will support her studies at the University of Cambridge. Foster is one of 14 U.S. students awarded Churchill Scholarships this year.

Foster, of Ashland, Ohio, is pursuing a bachelor’s degree with a triple major in physics, biochemistry, and biophysics, as well as a master’s degree in chemistry. She is a Vagelos Scholar, was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa as a junior, and won the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship in 2013. 

“Sarah Foster exemplifies the multidisciplinary student who will be making key advances in science in coming decades. She is knitting together whole-organism research in biology, the abstract mathematical approaches to nature found in advanced physics classes, and everything in between,” said Philip Nelson, a professor of biophysics in the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

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