Physics Professors Study Graphene's Electrical Properties on an Atomic Level

July 15, 2014

Graphene is widely thought to be the most electrically conductive material ever to be investigated. Researchers at Penn Arts and Sciences just published a study in the journal Nano Letters on their use of a cutting-edge microscope to study the relationship between the atomic geometry of a graphene nanoribbon and its electrical properties. A better understanding of this relationship will be necessary for the design of graphene-based integrated circuits, computer chips, and other electronic devices.

The study was led by Professors A.T. Charlie Johnson and Marija Drndić, both of the Department of Physics and Astronomy, along with Zhengqing John Qi, a member of Johnson’s lab, and Julio Rodríguez-Manzo from Drndić’s lab. Sung Ju Hong, then a member of Johnson’s lab, also contributed to the study.

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