Welcome to the Political Science Department

Penn’s Political Science Department is experiencing a renaissance. Over the past decade, our faculty has grown by 50%, an increase in quantity that has been matched by gains in quality. The strength of our faculty in each of four major subfields is being built with an eye to excellence embracing a variety of approaches and methodologies.

Welcome to the Political Science Department

The department’s combination of distinction and diversity has resulted in a rapid expansion of the undergraduate program and a newly invigorated Ph.D. program. Our faculty and graduate students play key roles in numerous centers and organizations across Penn’s campus whose missions bear on topics of interest to political scientists.

Welcome to the Political Science Department

We hope you will explore the website for a glimpse into the variety of our programs, activities, and classes, as well as an introduction to the accomplishments of the people who comprise the Political Science Department at Penn.

News & Announcements

Horowitz on Joe Public v. Sue Scholar

Professor Michael C. Horowitz writes about the contrast between public opinion and international relations scholars' views on the use of force abroad in Political Violence @ a Glance.     

Lynch Awarded Funding from German Science Foundation

Professor Julia Lynch was awarded seed funding from the German Science Foundation for a collaborative project on "Wealth and Disparity: Comparative Analysis of Trends in Inequality in Germany and the United States."

Now Accepting Faculty Applications

The Political Science Department is currently seeking applications for two open faculty positions in the fields of international relations and political theory. 

Carter Review Appears in Nations and Nationalism

Second year graduate student Keith Carter wrote a review of Andreas Wimmer's Waves of War  appearing in the latest edition of Nations and Nationalism.     

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