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Graduate student Ashley Gorham published an article on the political meaning of hacktivism in limn.     

In a New York Times article on the size of the US military, Professor Michael C. Horowitz discusses President Donald Trump's increase in military expenditure.     

Professor Brendan O’Leary discusses the consequences and alternatives to UKEXIT, as well as his new book Understanding Northen Ireland: Passages from Colonialism to Consociation and Confederation, 1603-2017 in an interview with PennNews.     

Professor Michael C. Horowitz was quoted in a DefenseNews article about the future of the  “Joint Declaration for the Export and Subsequent Use of Armed or Strike-Enabled Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)” within the US State Department under the Trump administration.     

Assistant Professor Dawn Teele was featured in a Penn News article on her research project “Nudging Women to Run”, where she studies the economic and psychological factors that drive and prevent women to seek political office.

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