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Political Science Undergraduate Advisor Dr. Doherty-Sil offers advice to nascent teachers in the Penn Almanac.

Political Science Professors O'Leary, Lustick, and Sil discuss the origins of ISIS and how the group's emergence relates to broader political trends in the Middle East as a part of Knowledge by the Slice.

Professor Julia Gray has ben awarded the 2013 Lepgold Prize by Georgetown University’s Mortara Center for International Studies for her book The Company States Keep. This prize is awarded for the best book on international relations published in the previous year.  

Political Science major Neil Cholli C'16 co-founds student-run think tank, ENGAGE, to address Philadelphia social issues.

Penn president and professor Amy Gutmann wrote the book on deliberative democracy, literally. She explains what it is and the role it plays at the Bioethics Commission, which she chairs.

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