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Professor Dan Hopkins presented his research on decision making and how to encourage constituents to participate in government initiatives at the Fels Policy Research Initiative’s inaugural conference, Breakthroughs: New Ideas for Policy. His research is being used to find ways to increase the number of Philadelphia residents filing for the earned income tax credit.    

Professor Diana Mutz was awarded a 2017 Andrew Carnegie Fellowship to support her research on the increasing resentment towards globalization.     

On April 20th at noon Penn Arts & Sciences' Knowledge by the Slice presented "US Foreign Policy in a Trump Administration: A Three-Month Review" featuring political science professors Michael Horowitz, Avery Goldstein, and Alex Weisiger.      

Professor Daniel Q. Gillion was interviewed in Penn Current about his career and research on protests.     

Political Science junior Sarah Cornelius was awarded a Harry S. Truman Scholarship, which supports students who pursue careers in government or public service.      

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