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On the LSE Blog, Professor Brendan O'Leary discusses the impact of the UK general election on the future of Brexit.    

On the Center for a New American Security blog, Professor Michael C. Horowitz, in conjunction with security experts, outlines the history and current state of drone proliferation and provides recommendations for U.S. policy updates to shape international norms on the use and sale of unmanned aerial vehicles.    

On The Washington Post's Monkey Cage blog, Professor Dawn Teele explores gender bias in the top ten political science journals.   

Professor Julia Lynch's latest article entitled, "Identifying Policy Levers And Opportunities For Action Across States To Achieve Health Equity," was published in Health Affairs.     

Professor Dawn Teele and Mona Morgan-Collins' paper "After the Vote: Programmatic Preferences and Women's Loyalty" was selected for the Women and Politics Research Section's award for the best paper presented at the American Political Science Association Annual Meeting  in 2016. 

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