This seminar will take up some of the "foundational" texts in contemporary feminist theory as well as some of the newest work, to explore the ways in which power operates through gender and sex. Subsidiary themes that will be developed include: the still relevant modernism/postmodernism debate as it relates to feminism; the intersectionality of race, gender, sexuality and class and how feminists can and do talk about "women"; the role of "the body" in relation to social constructivism; the relevance of feminist theory to policy issues, and which theoretical approaches are the most appropriate or have the most powerful potential. Room will be left on the syllabus for student input into the readings. This course is open to undergraduates who have had some prior course work in GSWS and/or political theory; undergraduates are advised to contact the professor to discuss their preparation before enrolling.
Section 401 - SEM
W 0330PM-0630PM

University of Pennsylvania
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Anne Norton Chair
Matthew Levendusky Graduate Chair
Marc Meredith Undergraduate Chair