Saul Sternberg: Professor of Psychology. Saul is the faculty director of the Psychology Shop. He oversees shop services and surveys clients for evaluation of shop services. Any issue, either of complaint or compliment, regarding the shop, its staff, or its services should be related to him. Saul entrusts the on-going shop function to its managing engineer.

John Andrews-Labenski: Electronics Engineer, Shop Manager, and Instructor. John is the primary contact for shop services. As an engineer he translates requests of the research, teaching, and clinical faculty into viable equipment, interfaces, and systems to facilitate experimental, educational, or client needs. As shop manager he coordinates shop activities and supervises the shop support staff. As instructor, John teaches a graduate seminar Psyc/Insc 727 - Electronics for Scientists.
Seth P. Martin: Computer/Electronics Technician and part-time Computer Science undergraduate. Seth is John's assistant and secondary contact for shop services in John's absence. Seth also works independently with his own client base and as Dr. Brainard's Lab Tech. He handles a diverse array of computer, electronic, programming, repair, and other technical problems. In addition, Seth serves as the teaching assistant for Psyc/Insc 727.
Raymond Lee: Psychology Department Administrative Assistant and part-time Psychology Shop Machinist. Raymond fabricates custom-made parts, assemblies, and equipment in wood, plastic, and metal. He handles a wide variety of general construction projects along with other technical and mechnical problems. Raymond also provides assistance to faculty, staff, and students utilizing the Shop's tools and equipment.
Beth Ann Johnson: Part-time Psychology Shop Technician and Business Assistant. Beth Ann provides technical and business support as required. As a technician she does custom wiring, electronic assembly, and other technical related tasks. In addition, Beth Ann handles ordering, accounting, inventory, and various other Shop business needs.