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Graduate Student Kameliya Atanasova Awarded Richard Maass Memorial Research Grant for 2014 by The Manuscript Society

The Department of Religious Studies congratulates Kameliya Atanasova on receiving the Richard Maass Memorial Research Grant from The Manuscript Society in recognition of her scholarly research.  Kameliya is a Ph.D. student in Religious Studies specializing on Islamic Studies.

Article in Daily Star about Ramamala Library Project

Benjamin Fleming discusses the project to preserve Ramamala Library MSS in the Daily Star in this article; for more information see the British Library Endangered Archive website.

Prof. Elias' Photography Exhibition Featured by Provost

A new exhibition of Religious Studies Professor Jamal Elias' photography, inspired by Pakistani Cinema of the 1970's, is featured on the Penn Provost's Arts & Culture Initiative’s website

UPenn Ghost Project Featured in SAS Frontiers Magazine!

The UPenn Ghost Project, led by our own Justin McDaniel, is featured in this month's issue of SAS Frontiers Magazine!

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