Our main goal in this course will be to answer the question, "what is Daoism?" Students will be introduced to a wide variety of ideas and practices that have at one time or another been labeled as "Daoist," in order to sort out the different senses of the term, and consider whether they have any common features. The course will begin with the Laozi, the most translated work in world literature besides the Bible and the one text affirmed by virtually all "Daoist" traditions as foundational. We will also survey several other bio- spiritual practices, such as the medtitational techniques of Internal Alchemy and the self-cultivation regimens known today as Qigong and Tai-chi, and familiarize ourselves with theological and ritual foundations of the organized religious tradition known as "Daoism," which is still widely practiced across East Asia. No knowledge of Chinese is presumed. All readings will be in English.
Section 401 - LEC
M 0500PM-0800PM