History Professor Publishes Oxford Encyclopedia of Enlightenment

Alan Charles Kors' work described as "an amazing scholarly and publication achievement.
April 25, 2005
History Professor Alan Charles Kors has published his four-volume Oxford Encyclopedia of Enlightenment, a work that history chair Jonathan Steinberg describes as "an amazing scholarly and publication achievement."

The Encyclopedia's offerings are impressive with more than 700 signed articles, annotated bibliographies following each article to guide further study, an extensive system of cross-references; a synoptic outline of contents; a comprehensive topical index providing easy access to networks of related articles; and high quality illustrations, including photographs, line drawings, and maps.

Its scope extends the conventional geographical boundaries of the Enlightenment beyond the normal boundaries of North America and major European centers to include Iberian, Ibero-American, Jewish, Russian, and Eastern European cultures. In addition, Professor Kors includes the new theoretical and methodological approaches that have flowered in the humanities during the past two decades.