Frontiers - Society

  • November 2008

    What Just Happened?

    Making Sense of the 2008 Presidential Election in Real Time

    On November 5, 2008, faculty members from the Department of Political Science participated in a lively, open discussion of the historical results — and significance — of the 2008 Presidential election.

    This interactive video presentation of the event features panelists’ introductory remarks and their answers to some audience questions.


  • October 2008

    The Spirit of Collegiality

    Sociologist Melissa Wilde offers a new explanation for the revolutionary transformation of the Roman Catholic Church.

    Many Catholics believe that continuity and change come to their church t

  • October 2008

    An Uncertain Revolution

    Sociologist Jason Schnittker's new study shows that the rise of a genetic model of mental illness has not increased tolerance.

    New research by Associate Professor of

  • October 2008

    A Crisis of Malnutrition

    Undergraduate Lavanya Madhusudan explores the connection between malnutrition and women’s welfare in India.

    In a class on health policy in South Asia, Health and Societies major Lavanya Madhusudan, C’09, was singularly affected by a documentary about the malnutrition of females in India. The film described the plight of girls from a village near the city of Bangalore, where Madhusudan was born.

  • September 2008

    Election Q&A with Don Kettl

    Political scientist Don Kettl answers questions about the candidates' experience and the challenges they face.

    Don Kettl, the Robert

  • September 2008

    Optimism and Paranoia

    PIK Professor John Jackson talks about the new reality of race in America.

    In his new book, Racial Paranoia: The Unintended Consequences of Political Correctness, Richard Perry University Associate Professor of Communication and Anthropology John L.

  • August 2008

    Luxurious Citizens

    Graduate student Jo Cohen studies the relationship between consumption and citizenship in 19th-century America.

    From “buy American” campaigns to appeals in Chevrolet ads to “refuel Ame

  • August 2008

    Dangerous Passage

    Undergraduate Kojo Minta explores the forces behind human trafficking in Africa.

    Last year, thousands of illegal immigrants from Africa attempted to enter

  • July 2008

    Heredity and Hope

    Ruth Schwartz Cowan’s new book explores the case for genetic screening.

    The mapping of the human genome is said to herald a brighter future for

  • May 2008

    The Dynamics of Violence

    Sociologist Randall Collins argues that violent confrontations go against human hardwiring.

    From genocidal politics half a world away to school shootings in our back