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The collapse of the mortgage market. Deregulation and risk-taking in the financial sector. Widespread unemployment. Instability in the Eurozone. Government deficits and calls for austerity. Trade imbalances. Declining incomes. The 1% versus the 99%.  Job creators versus job killing regulations.

The world faces the most severe economic crisis since the Great Depression. From Athens to Tokyo, from Washington to London, from Beijing to Johannesburg, the teetering economy has destabilized governments, hindered growth, and raised fundamental questions about the relationship of economics, public policy, individual freedom, and social responsibility.

Should governments adopt austerity programs or stimulate growth through greater public spending? Should the financial sector be more strictly regulated? What are the societal impacts of growing income inequality? How does the current economic crisis compare with past panics and macroeconomic transformations?

Current Theme

Faculty Advisory Committee: Michael Katz (History), Emilio Parrado (Sociology), Thomas Sugrue (SSPF Director), Deborah Thomas (Anthropology), Domenic Vitiello (City Planning), Stanton Wortham (Education).

Immigration Postdoctoral Fellows: Laurencio Sanguino, John Walsh.

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