Summer Courses

Critical Writing Seminar in English: Comedy

Summer 2013
Subject Area: 
Course Number: 
WRIT 039 901
Monday 5:30pm-7:10pm
Wednesday 5:30pm-7:10pm


This class not open to LPS students fulfilling the two-course requirement.
Primary Program: 
School of Arts and Sciences
Course Note: 
Fulfills Writing Requirement for SAS, EAS, NURS, Wharton.
Course Description: 

This course will explore the history and strategies of some of the most skillful rhetors throughout history:  comedians.  The success of a comedian, like the success of a writer, pivots upon an exquisite understanding of audience as well as the specific content and rhetorical devices likely to move them.  Our study of comedy intends to complement and advance your own understanding of critical writing, its content, audiences, and the rhetorical devices likely to move them.  Taking your writing to the next level, the course will teach you advanced methods of synthesis, rhetorical analysis, informal reasoning, dynamic arrangement, and research methods that you will be able to use in other scholarly and professional writing.  Note:  This course will meet for six weeks on campus, and six weeks online, Mondays and Wednesdays and you must be available to meet throughout the twelve weeks on MW from 5 to 6:20.  If you are going to be in places without connectivity, or traveling, or otherwise unavailable online during course meeting times, then do not sign up for this course.  Attendance is mandatory.  Access to a hard-wired computer and headphones/mike are required for the final six weeks.  Students who remain in the area are welcome to use the computers and headsets in MultiMediaServices (David Rittenhouse Labs aka DRL) for the final six weeks of the class.  

Fulfills the Writing Requirement for CAS, WH, EAS, NUR.  Does not count toward the writing requirement for LPS.  

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