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Managing European Innovation: France, Germany, and Switzerland

Summer 2014
Special Session
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DYNM 756 900


Course Note: 
Travel Course to France, Germany & Switzerland
Course Description: 

June 15 - 21st in France, Germany, and Switzerland.

In the new “flat world” of social media, interconnected technology, and smart algorithms, analyzing and reflecting upon different approaches to creativity and innovation--in design, applied research, product development, pharmaceuticals, advancements in medicine, graphic arts and political and economic problem-solving, Western Europe and the Upper Rhine region has long been a leader in product advancement, product quality, and integrated design.  Studied separately or in combination with European Project Management, DYNM  756 will be offered the week after in Strasbourg. DYNM 756 looks at multi-cultural European management styles and approaches that presents students a wide berth of perspectives and techniques for their own organizations and firms in how to encourage, manage, and implement creative solutions and organizational innovation.  Broadening perspectives and approaches is the goal of the 2014 course based in Strasbourg, France and traveling to unique locations in the Alsace-Lorraine region and Germany and Switzerland for unique glimpses into European companies and technology centers at the forefront of innovation and creativity. 

Students will be exposed to the basics of innovation and creativity, engage in innovation exercises. The Upper Rhine region, home to some of Europe’s most advanced innovation hubs, will expose students to new ways of managing creativity and innovation and see approaches that weave art, humanities, technology, and science into holistic perspectives from a European vantage point.  As U.S. cities and companies look beyond Silicon Valley to develop their own innovation and creative hubs, Western Europe and the Upper Rhine in particular have much to offer. The itinerary will include the Basics of Creativity and Innovation; the connection between innovation, creativity and Sustainability; the Neuroscience of Creativity and Collaboration; Innovative layering and Social Media, and Managing Organizations as Creative Systems.

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