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European Approaches to Complex Multi-Stakeholder Project Management

Summer 2014
Special Session
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DYNM 786 900


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Depart Philadelphia June 7th and return June 15th.

In the interconnected world of global corporations, large projects typically involve multiple organizations and diverse project teams often scattered in separate locations across the globe. Traditional frameworks for project management need to be expanded to account for this new reality. Broadening perspectives is the goal of the 2014 seminar in Paris, France. The seminar will focus on European approaches to the challenges of large project management, particularly those involved in public-private and other multi-group projects. Managing multi-national, multi-cultural teams, devising innovative financing arrangements and securing public-private cooperation are increasingly becoming standard requirements for large-scale, complex projects. European integration has made dealing with these issues a priority with many European organizations. For example, much of the French network of superhighways has been developed and is managed though public-private ventures. Students will be exposed to new ideas, and new ways of applying time-tested methods and techniques that French organizations have developed to address these issues. Properly adapted, some of these ideas should prove to be readily applicable in the US context. In addition, students will discover how French managers in the public and private sectors frame issues, approach problems and implement solutions.

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