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Penn Summer Abroad programs are designed for undergraduate students at accredited U.S. or international institutions. Some programs may accept graduate students on a case-by-case basis. All programs require that students are in good academic and judicial standing. Refer to your particular programs and courses for any additional criteria or prerequisites.

All students, including current Penn as well as visiting students, must complete the online application to be considered for a Penn Summer Abroad program.

Application Deadlines

Applications are now open. Please visit each program's main page to apply: Summer Abroad Locations

  • Early admission deadline: Friday, January 15, 2016
  • Rolling admissions continue until the program reaches capacity

Penn Abroad Policy on Academic Integrity and Student Conduct

In order to qualify to study abroad, you need to be in good academic standing at Penn. In addition, your disciplinary status may affect your eligibility to study abroad. You may not be eligible to study abroad if you currently stand charged or are charged prior to the beginning of your study abroad semester with a violation of a University regulation under the University of Pennsylvania's Code of Student Conduct or Code of Academic Integrity, or if there is a pending, current, or outstanding disciplinary matter (academic integrity or conduct). When the charge results in a warning or reprimand, the student may be eligible to study abroad pending a review of the situation. When the charge results in probation, suspension-not-imposed, suspension, or any sanction as serious as or more serious than probation, students are not eligible to study abroad during the period of the sanction.

Students who have received a sanction of probation or suspension-not-imposed may be eligible to study abroad during a future semester after the expiration date of the sanction. However, students must provide confirmation from the Office of Student Conduct that the terms and conditions of their sanction have been met before receiving Penn Abroad approval to study abroad. If there are new charges during the period of the sanction, approval to study abroad may be rescinded.

While you are studying abroad you are required to observe the laws of the host country and all academic and disciplinary regulations in effect at the host institution. Further, while abroad, you remain concurrently enrolled as a degree candidate at the University of Pennsylvania and, consequently, continue to be subject to Penn's Code of Student Conduct and Code of Academic Integrity.

The Application

Applications are now open. Please visit each program's main page to apply: Summer Abroad Locations

  • Early admission deadline: Friday, January 15, 2016
  • Rolling admissions continue until the program reaches capacity

Only the items listed below are required for the Penn Summer Abroad application.

Application Essay

Address the following questions within a Word document and upload to your online application. Responses should not exceed four double-spaced pages in length for all the questions combined.

  1. What are your academic and personal reasons for wanting to study abroad in this program?
  2. If you will be taking advanced language courses, discuss any relevant coursework you have completed or will complete prior to the program.
  3. Do you have any experience living or traveling abroad? If so, please explain.
  4. What do you hope to gain or achieve by participating in this program?  

Letter of Recommendation

One academic recommendation is required for application to any Penn Summer Abroad program. List the name and title of the individual whom you have asked to submit a letter in support of your application. It should be from a Penn faculty member or graduate TA who has recently taught you and who knows of your desire to enroll in the Penn Summer Abroad program. If you are applying to a language course, a language instructor is preferred. Recommendations may be submitted online or by mail. For online recommendations, please follow the instructions in the Recommendations section of the online application. For paper recommendations, please print a copy of the University of Pennsylvania's College of Liberal and Professional Studies Official Recommendation Form and give it to your recommender.

Selecting an alternate program

You will have the opportunity in the application to select an alternative Penn Summer Abroad program. Your application would only be forwarded to this alternate if the first program you applied to is unavailable.

Applying to more than one program

If you wish to be considered for more than one summer abroad program simultaneously, you need to submit a separate completed application for each program.

About the application log-in

  • If you are having trouble creating a log-in the problem might be that you already have one. If you attended a summer abroad event or communicated your interest in one of our programs in another way, a username and password may have been automatically created for you. Check your email for this notice, e-mail us, or call our office at (215) 746-7075 to request to have it resent.
  • If you previously used the LPS application to apply to a different program you will need to create a new account to apply for Penn Summer Abroad 2016. 

Application Decision


  • Applications completed by the January priority deadline will receive an admission decision in February.
  • Admission decisions for applications submitted after the January priority deadline are processed on a rolling basis and are posted to the online application account approximately three weeks from the completed application date.


You will receive an email notifying you when the decision is ready and you can log in to your application account to view it. Decision letters are also mailed to the current address entered on the application.

Admitted students must complete the Intent to Enroll form to accept (or decline) their offer of admission within the timeframe provided in the letter (usually two weeks). The form is only available from a link in the admission letter.