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Penn Summer Abroad Tuition and Fees

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Fot tuition information for Penn Summer Abroad 2016, please visit each program's main page: Summer Abroad Locations

Program Fee

Each program charges a fee in addition to tuition. The program fee covers the cost of accommodation, cultural activities and excursions organized by the program. Depending on the program, additional expenses such as meals or local transportation may also be covered in the fee.

To see the fee for a particular program, visit that program’s webpage under the section for tuition and fees. In that same section, you’ll also find an estimated costs worksheet for help in planning other estimated direct expenses.


The tuition and program fee for Summer Abroad are charged to your Penn student account after the required pre-departure forms have been completed and you have been enrolled in the course(s). Students are responsible for direct expenses not included in the tuition and program fee. 

The charges will appear on your student bill in the monthly statement following course registration.  The billing and due dates follow the Summer Sessions billing schedule

For additional information about your bill, refer to the Student Financial Services website.

  • Your current bill is always available online at Penn Portal.
  • For a complete copy of your student bill please see the Penn.Pay website.
  • Balances remaining unpaid beyond the due date are subject to a late penalty of 1.5%, which will appear on the next statement.
  • No student will be awarded a degree who has not paid in full all financial obligations to the University. No transcripts will be provided to any student who has not fulfilled financial obligations to the University.

Financial Aid

Penn students receiving financial aid during the academic year are eligible to apply for Summer Term financial aid that can be used to support the costs of Penn Summer Abroad. The application for Summer Term Financial Aid can be downloaded from the Student Financial Services (SFS) website in the spring. Penn Summer Abroad will notify participants when the form is available and will provide further instructions on completing the form for summer abroad funding.

SFS considers the full costs of participating in the summer abroad program (including tuition, program fee, air ticket and on-site expenses) when determining the aid package according to their assessment of the student’s need. Summer Term aid packages are not part of the no-loan program and may include a higher percentage of loans.

Students should contact SFS with specific questions about their package.

Visiting students should apply for financial aid from their home university.

Penn undergraduates who currently receive financial aid are also eligible to apply for the Summer Abroad Fellowship.

Withdrawal and Refund Policy

Withdrawal is defined as leaving the program as opposed to dropping a course within the program and adding another course to maintain enrollment requirements.

Withdrawal and Refund Policy: For the complete withdrawal and refund policy for Penn Summer Abroad 2014, please refer to pages 17-19 of the Penn Summer Abroad Handbook.

Notification of Withdrawal: All notifications of withdrawal from a summer abroad program must be made in writing to the Office of Penn Summer Abroad at The date of the written notification is the date by which the adjustment to the student’s academic record and financial calculations will be determined. Failure to attend classes or notification only to the program director or instructors does not constitute formal withdrawal and will result in failing grades in all courses.

Program Cancellation

Penn Summer Abroad, in consultation with the University of Pennsylvania officials as well as other authorities domestically and abroad, reserves the right to cancel or modify the program at any time. Penn Summer Abroad will provide participants with as much advance notice as reasonable under the circumstances. Any decision regarding refunds and course grades in such a situation will determined by Penn Summer Abroad with consideration to the timing of the cancellation.