Composition and Rhetoric

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  • Session A: July 10 - July 22, 2017
  • Session B: July 24 - August 5, 2017


  • 1:30 p.m. - 4 p.m.


  • College Prep
  • English and Writing


  • Sebastian Castillo

This module will introduce high school students to the challenges and pleasures of college writing. The module will help high school students prepare for future college-level writing assignments by introducing important writing strategies, academic concepts, and classroom expectations they will encounter in the future. The module is designed to provide students with the strongest possible foundation for the intellectual abilities they will later develop in college.

Each class meeting will include discussions of assigned readings and writing-centric lectures. The class will also, at times, pair film, music, and television to the assigned readings in order to better develop student understanding of complex subject matter and concepts. The goal of each class session is to provide students with an introduction to the various elements of academic discourse by developing essential rhetorical and critical tools.

This module will include in-class writing exercises, lectures, discussions of assigned readings, and peer-review workshops of student writing. By the end of the module, students will learn to: identify key arguments in published texts and in the writing of their peers; connect and synthesize multiple texts around an issue or an idea; create and defend arguments of their own through effective rhetorical strategies; organize ideas in a coherent and logical manner; employ Standard English grammar and syntax in service of your ideas; cite properly and evaluate sources in print and online; and reflect on their own writing process.

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