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Biomedical Research Academy

Biomedical Research Academy

July 3 - July 23, 2016

This program is now closed to non-Philadelphia School District students.

Taught by members of Penn's Department of Biology and regional biology teachers, the goal of this program is to introduce students to the experimental basis of biology, including relevance to disease.  The focus of the program will be on how we know what we know. Daily morning lectures and discussions on the cellular, molecular and genetic aspects of biology will be followed on some days by guest lectures from scientists and clinicians from Penn’s Department of Biology and from the Penn Medical School.  Afternoons will be spent in the laboratory with hands-on experiments that introduce you to the tools and techniques used in biomedical research labs.  You will also participate in a small group “journal club” where you will learn to read primary scientific literature on a current topic of interest.

Prerequisites: One year of high school Biology is required for application. One year of high school Chemistry is strongly advised.

Program Director: Linda Robinson, Ph.D.

Dr. Robinson is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Biology and an Instructional Laboratory Coordinator at the University of Pennsylvania, where she designs teaching labs for and teaches some of the the undergraduate biology courses.  Dr. Robinson received her Ph.D. from Washington University in St. Louis, and has been teaching at Penn since 2000.

Are you a School District of Philadelphia public or charter high school student? Learn how you could attend this program free of charge through our Penn Summer Scholars Program.

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