High School

2014 Hindi-Urdu Startalk Program


The Startalk Hindi and Urdu Academies have now merged into the UPenn 2014 Hindi-Urdu Startalk Program.

The 2014 Hindi-Urdu Summer Program will be held from July 7th to July 25th.

About Hindi and Urdu

Hindi and Urdu are two of the most widely spoken languages of South Asia. They share a common spoken style that is the language of everyday communication and popular entertainment in Bollywood film and music. Learning Hindi-Urdu enables one to communicate with speakers throughout northern India and Pakistan as well as to personally experience the rich and diverse cultures of this important world region.

Program Description

Students in the UPenn 2014 Hindi-Urdu Startalk Program will learn to communicate using the common spoken language in a variety of real-world situations. They will also learn to read and write in one of the scripts. Students will acquire language proficiency and deepen their understanding of culture through a fun and engaging curriculum that maximizes hands-on practice. Students will virtually visit South Asia and experience its diverse regional cultures and their histories.

Program features will include instruction by Penn’s experienced faculty, talks by experts on Hindi, Urdu, and South Asia, a local field trip, and daily authentic meals.


The program is open to college undergraduates and high school students with an interest in learning Hindi and/or Urdu. We welcome applications from both absolute beginners and students with prior Hindi or Urdu experience. Students will be grouped into classes based on age and prior Hindi/Urdu experience.


July 7th through July 25th, Monday through Friday, 9:30 am to 3:30 pm. Lunch will be provided.

Credit Options

The program is available to students on a for-credit or non-credit basis. Students enrolled in the for-credit option will be graded on participation and performance and will receive one C.U. of Penn credit upon successful completion of the program. Spaces for the for-credit option are limited and first priority will be given to Penn students. Students who complete the non-credit option will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the program.

Program Cost

The program will be free to all students. Tuition scholarships will be provided to those enrolled in the for-credit option.


Limited housing is available to students who will be 18 years of age or older at the beginning of the program. Priority will be given to for-credit students. Housing will be provided free of cost.


Applications are currently being accepted. Please visit the Hindi-Urdu program website for information on how to apply.