English Language Programs for International Students

The University of Pennsylvania established the English Language Programs (ELP) in the early 1960s to provide courses in English as a second/foreign language (ESL/EFL) and orientation to life in the United States. Each year, 2,000 students from all over the world come to the ELP. They study English for a wide variety of purposes, including: general English; business English; English for academic preparation; English for professions such as law, architecture, dental medicine, and nursing; and teacher training. In the summer, the ELP has a robust range of program options.

Summer English Institute

The Summer English Institute (SEI) is a four-week program that provides a foundation for university-level English. Students receive an introduction to academic content-based language and experience life and culture at a U.S. university.

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Intensive Programs

The Intensive Programs (IP) offers year-round courses in intensive English and consists of more than 40 elective courses in 8 levels – beginning to advanced. Participants can prepare for study at an American university, improve their general English skills, or improve language skills and knowledge of U.S. culture needed for their careers. The program runs in seven-week sessions. A Business Intensive Program is also available during the summer months.

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Summer Institute for International Business Students

The Summer Institute for International Business Students (SIIBS) is an intensive four-week program for students have either been admitted to an MBA program or who are seriously planning to pursue graduate business study in an English-speaking environment. SIIBS runs once per year during the month of July.

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University Connection

The University Connection (UniConn) Program successfully prepares students for the challenges of the application and admissions process, as well as the rigors of academic study at the university level. Students receive extensive one-on-one advising and can customize the program to help them achieve their goals within their timelines. UniConn runs in seven-week sessions.

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International Business Communication Program

The International Business Communication Program (IBCP) is a four-week program designed for business professionals with advanced proficiency in English who want to improve the effectiveness and confidence with which they communicate in professional situations in English.

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